Individual Psychotherapy

I am working during the summer, so you are most welcome to contact me.
Appointments after 17.00 o’clock are also possible.

Have your problems become too big? Do you feel tired, unmotivated, lonely? Do you need psychological help for a specific situation?

I can help you to regain balance and to improve the quality of your daily life. You will get a better understanding of who you are as an individual, why you react to things exactly as you do and what life situations have shaped you into the person you are today. Together we will find the solutions and the understanding you need, and I will support you in the process of integrating these changes.

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Authorised Psychologist

I am an authorised psychologist located in central Copenhagen offering therapy, courses and workshops.

I have lived and worked in Transylvania (where I was born), England, South Africa and Portugal before moving to Denmark.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Depression, Anxiety and Stress
Trauma, PTSD and Sexual abuse
Low self-esteem, Confidence, Related Issues and Self-worth
Food and drink addition
Problem solving and improvement of life quality


Maria, Spain

The time I colaborated with Melinda has been a pleasure not only professionally but also personally, she has a great personal ability to approach people in a empathic way, is flexible and open, with great personal commitment to helping people. I think Melinda is a top professional, whose skills are well-founded clinically and experientially and are implemented with great ethic and responsibility.

Rose U.S.A

Sometimes we need to talk with someone to understand ourselves. With Melinda you feel safe, unjudged and supported. In this type of environment it is easy to open up and tackle both the ambiguous and defined things we cannot normally delve into in our busy day to day lives. Having a supportive partner and guide in the process of understanding ourselves is so important when we reach “roadblocks”. Melinda offers a phrase or orients your perspective at key moments. Her words still come back to me and guide. Time with Melinda is an investment that continues to provide returns well into the future.

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