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I am an authorized psychologist located on Amager, offering  individual therapy.

My work reflects my belief that everyone has their inner resources and competences.  I focus my therapy around awareness, understandings and positive changes. 


– Authorized Psychologist
– Cognitive Therapy  (Efteruddannelse)
– MSc in Therapeutic Counseling
– Postgraduate Degree in Addiction Counseling


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Experienced Psychologist

I have obtained my Bachelor Degree in my home country ( 1997-2001). My Postgraduate Degree in Addiction Counseling and my Master’s Degree in Integrative Counseling are from Greenwich University, London (2004-2009). My cognitive training is from Denmark (2013-2014). Additionally I participated in several courses and workshops with regard to work with Trauma and PTSD.

I lived and worked for several years in England, South Africa and Portugal, with people with special needs (teenagers and adults) and with women who experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse.

In Romania I worked with clients with alcohol problems and their families, and as school psychologist in the national project of integrating children with learning disabilities in the public schools system.

I moved to Denmark in 2009 and I have had my private practice in Copenhagen since 2010.

I am volunteer psychologist for Red Cross Health Clinic, and I collaborate with Reden International.

On a personal level

I live in Copenhagen with my family and cat. My interests and hobbies are: dance, walking, gardening, history and archeology.

I try to follow as much as possible an ethical and sustainable way of life. Respect for the planet we are living on, human rights and fair and dignified treatment of animals are amongst my key values.

Therapy Methods

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist which means that I use different professional skills and methods depending on the specific issues my clients bring.

Humanistic therapy – emphasizes the personal experience of the client and the respect for the client’s reality. The focus of the therapy is to support the clients to develop skills for making healthy choices and changes in their lives, as well as to empower and build  self-awareness.

Biographical Counseling – called also life path/ life story analysis; helps clients to explore their questions about their own biography. With the help of this method clients get a full understanding of their life path and who they are. Instead of feeling a victim of one’s own destiny, at the end of the therapy the client becomes the owner of it.

Cognitive therapy – is a treatment plan with clear goals that works with present day problems. CT focuses on the four factors that influence our daily lives: thoughts, feelings, body awareness and behavior.  Cognitive Therapy is particularly effective in case of: phobias, mild to moderate depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.