Last month of the year

December is one of my favorite months.

When Advent starts, I try to slow down, and enjoy the relaxing evenings. I write my Christmas cards, and reserve time to think of friends and family I had around throughout the year.

The lovely Christmas lights, the smell of spices characteristic to this season, and the general atmosphere of this month, all remind me about this special time of gratitude and love.

However, I know that December can also be a month of pressure and too many appointments, too much to do, too much to experience, almost like a sensory overwhelm. For some, it can be a reminder that one is not good enough, not loved enough, not having enough friends or family, and the negative list could go on and on. At my clinic, I experience December as one of the busiest months of the year. 

Therefore I gathered some good advice I would like to share, so that you can enjoy December at a slower pace. So you can focus on being, instead of doing. You can become more aware of your own and your family needs instead of going with the flow of a busy, much too busy month.  

Patrick Hallford, a leading nutritionist in England, says:

The starting point of tuning up your brain is to follow an optimum nutrition diet. Even if you don’t have mental health problem as such, this way of eating can increase your mental energy, improve your mood and sharpen your mind. So here are few of the golden rules to follow throughout this festive season:

  • eat wholefoods: whole grains, lentils, nuts, seeds fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Eat five servings of food and vegetables per day
  • Eat four or more servings per day of whole grains such as Rice, Millet, Rye, etc
  • Eat cold water fish two tree times a week
  • Eat eggs
  • Eat seeds and nuts
  • Use cold pressed seed oils
  • Reduce your intake of fried food

The brain used about a third of all nutrients taken i form of food. Therefore the following supplements taken daily are great benefit in order to ensure optimum nutrition for your mind:

First of all, remember all those vitamins and minerals, which give energy, strengthen your immune system, and help you to enjoy the quality of your days, despite the darkness outside. 

  • Fish oil (helping against negative thoughts and feelings) – 2X breakfast, 2X lunch
  • A good multivitamin with minerals – helps against low mood, and depression symptoms – take 2X with breakfast
  • Vitamin C, 500 mg – gives energy, prevents burn out – 2X breakfast 2xlunch
  • Vitamin B complex  – helps with mood (stress depletes vitamin B supplements; vitamin B in multivitamin is not enough)  – 1 x breakfast, 1x  supper

If you are sensitive to the darkness of the winter, consider a Light therapy lamp to beat winter depression and low mood.

There is more and more information and research available about the great help etheric oils can give: they help with energy, motivation, joy as well as with the cognitive process of restructuring negative thoughts and feelings. Please be aware of the quality of the etheric oils you buy, try to buy a good quality organic oil. You can use the oils by diffusing it, or you can inhale the aroma, as well as you can use it as a massage oil. Here are some oils you might consider: 

  • Etheric oils helping to induce a feeling of happiness and joy are:  wild orange, tangerine, Ylang ylang, lemon 
  • Etheric oils helping with symptoms of stress and anxiousness are: lavender, peppermint, orange, rose.

Christmas is also a time of the year for creative projects and activities of all kind, starting from making your own Christmas decoration to crafting your own presents. Creative activities are not only relaxing, they also contribute to a better self-confidence and self-worth.

And last, but not least, do reflect on the year almost passed. Reflect on those things you have experienced. Remember the good things, with gratitude and thankfulness. I think we should all learn to take fewer things for granted and be happy and thankful to all big and small things in our daily life.

It is also helpful to reflect on those situations you can improve, and look into plans for the next year, so you can make a balance between what you are glad for and what you would like to work on, in the future. 

I wish you all a blessed December, filled with love and peace.

May the 2019 bring you and your family fulfillment and joy.