A new year, a new start

Dear all,

A new year started with 1st of January 2019.

A new journey starts for each of us. I think that every new start requires us to stop and reflect upon the journey ahead as well as the year we left behind us.

How was the last year for us and our family? What did we learn about ourselves, our family, our friends? How did our work situation develope/change?

And what would we like to focus on the coming year? Personally, family wise, work wise?

For example, work wise, I myself look forward to two beautiful and very relevant courses I decided to participate in, which offer further professional development in the direction of working with Highly Sensitive and Empath clients.

During the 20 years as psychologist, I have been working with people with special needs, victims of sexual abuse, victims of human trafficking, as well as clients with depression, stress, and anxiety. A common thread to many of these cases was and is symptoms of high sensitivity. This is due to the fact that trauma, crisis situations, stress, anxiety and depression, makes us oversensitive to our daily life. The world we experience through our senses becomes more challenging, and the way we see ourselves in comparison to others, as well as the way we perceive the world around us, becomes more challenging.

Following the thread of the new year as a new start, I think we can all become a bit better in relation to each other: to smile more and really take time to see and listen to the other person (our partners, our neighbours, the person next to us in the queue and so on).

And also, just as relevant is to become better in our relationship with ourselves: to priorities time TO BE instead of to do, to spend time in nature, to recharge, to focus on things we really would like to do, instead of things we need to do and should do. Very relevant thing, in this context, is for all of us, is to respect ourselves in the way we talk to ourselves (the inner dialog), how we feel about ourselves and in the way we think about ourselves.

If we expect from our family, friends and colleagues to respect us, but we ourselves do not do so, then it might be time to focus on it in the New Year.

May we all have a blessed, happy and fulfilled 2019.