Winter reading suggestions

During winter months, when is cold and wet outside, we all enjoy a good reading, a book we can relax with. Here is a list of a few books I can warmly recommend to all of you who would like to improve the quality of your every day, to live more fully and in the present and to be more connected to yourselves. Wherever you go, there you are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn This is a great book, which helps us live fully in the moment, without judgment.  The book is written in a beautiful, poetic way, with exercises and many

To the family members

Dear all, How can we best support family members , who has symptoms of depression, stress and/ or anxiety? They hopefully already receive professional help, but what can we do to make a positive difference? During my work, I often meet these questions. I know that the family would so much like to be of help, it´s just challenging to know how. Following are some simple but effective ideas about how you can help. 1) Try to understand the other. It is a bit like seeing the world through the other person’s glasses. Listen carefully and ask open questions. Most