Positive energy; 10 extraordinary prescriptions for transforming fatigue, stress and fear, into vibrance, strength and love

Dear all,

Once in a while I like to suggest a good reading, a book I find inspiring and helpful.

This book is one of these: a reading, one can learn so much from, with regards to life quality and inner balance.  It is written by the well-known American psychiatrist Judith Orloff, who is particularly known for her work with highly sensitive, empath clients.

The book is divided in two parts, the first part is focusing on how we can build up and improve our wellbeing and the second part is focusing on how to create positive relationship and set healthy boundaries with challenging people around us. At the end of each chapter, we can read the words of a well-known personality.

In the following I would like to quote a part of the book I found so inspiring. This particular chapter is about emotional energy about acknowledging and healing negative emotions.

It is written by Iyanla Vanzant who is a recognized inspirational speaker and bestselling author. She was born in 1950 in New York, as the daughter of a single black woman, and she had a difficult childhood.

Here are her words:

‘for me, positive emotional energy is when my thoughts, words, feelings and actions are aligned. I can sense this in someone’s energy field, as warmth, brightness. It comes through my intuition. Their aura is peaceful and welcoming. It’s tangible. Around a positive person, I can let my guard down. When I generate positive energy in myself, I feel joyful and want to smile at strangers on the street. I consider this energy, also called qi, to be divine – an inner light that radiates through us, the noble essence of every being (…).

We must examine the emotions restricting us. Otherwise they get stuck in our subtle energy fields, locked in our bodies. We’ll carry a heavy energetic weight. Denial causes suffering. I’ve worked to transform negative energy (…).

To reverse negative energy, my own and in others, I create more positive energy. I try to stay in a place of truth, of gentle compassion. Conscious, deep breathing helps; it slows down my fears and judgments, returns me to my heart. So does getting a loving massage, a sauna (which removes toxins) (…). Of course I’m human. Sometimes I feel angry or afraid. But the worst thing is to beat myself up or make another person wrong. There’s an old saying, ‘if you keep pouring water in a glass the dirt will rise to the surface and dissipate.’ We do this through positive thoughts and actions. Love is the best way to shut negativity down. (…) Love is the most positive energy we have. I just keep on sending it. (…) In small and large ways, we can call forth the good, bring love into existence. So, when you are walking down the street and see somebody, smile at them. You are sending a vibration. Maybe she’ll smile at the next person. Soon, we’ll have a whole city of people smiling at each other.’

I consider the words of Iyanla Vanzant relevant, as negative emotions are able to contribute to anxiety, stress and depression symptoms. During the therapeutic work with my clients, we identify these negative emotions and we try to understand why the client experiences these.

Then I work together with the client to understand and integrate the experiences and situations which build up these negative emotions. In this way, they can be released, and new, positive, empowering feelings can take their place. In order to achieve this positive therapeutic change, we are working with acknowledging the internal and external resources of the client, as well as helping the client to build up an empowering and respectful relationship with self.

Wishing you all a beautiful spring, filled with sunshine, snowdrops and many smiling people 🙂


Source: ‘Positive energy; 10 extraordinary prescriptions for transforming fatigue, stress and fear, into vibrance, strength and love’- by  Dr. Judith Orloff; Chapter 4: Interview with Iyanla Vanzant on healing negative emotions