The therapeutic journey

The therapeutic journey is tailored after each client’s needs, problems and life experience. Therefore my work with each and every clients is different. I meet you where you are in your life right now, and we take the therapeutic journey together. I know that you are the expert of your life as I am of my professional methods and skills. During the therapy sessions we will work together towards understanding the problem and focusing on the possible solutions to it. We will identify your inner and outer resources and we will use them (together with new coping tools and skills) in order to make positive changes and to improve the quality of your daily life. We will find the solutions and the understanding you need and I will support you in the process of integrating the necessary changes.

I can offer you the following:

  • Professional competence
  • Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
  • Good prices (reduced fee for students and unemployed)
  • Reduced fee for clients with referrals from their family doctor
  • Psychotherapy in: Danish, English, Hungarian, Rumanian
meeting room

Areas of competences

Depression, Anxiety and Stress
Trauma, PTSD and Sexual abuse
Low self-esteem, Confidence related issues and Self-worth
Food and drink addiction
Problem solving and Improvement of life quality


N, Copenhagen

While doing therapy with Melinda, I finally got to face some of my biggest challenges and feelings of vulnerability. Once you talk, it becomes more real. Yet, they became easier to face. With Melinda’s help, something that was as entangled and fearful as Medusa’s head, became an easier problem to solve. Many barriers were broken down and worked on. I learnt a lot about myself and my actions. With the tools I learnt, I now have the capacity to face many problems alone and I know how to go about them. Life became easier and I was ready again for bigger challenges. The eternal grateful.


Sometimes we need to talk with someone to understand ourselves. With Melinda you feel safe, unjudged and supported. In this type of environment it is easy to open up and tackle both the ambiguous and defined things we cannot normally delve into in our busy day to day lives. Having a supportive partner and guide in the process of understanding ourselves is so important when we reach “roadblocks”. Melinda offers a phrase or orients your perspective at key moments. Her words still come back to me and guide. Time with Melinda is an investment that continues to provide returns well into the future.