Trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Sexual abuse 

The consequences of trauma and PTSD greatly depend on the:

Age of the victim
Nature of the trauma
Response to the trauma
The support the victim received afterwards

Survivors are suffering not just from the trauma itself, but also of their own reaction to the trauma. Daily reminders of the event can become extreme, resulting in dissociations, freezing, nightmares, panic attacks, flashbacks (sensory. visual or auditory are the most common experiences of the traumatic event with such a realism and intensity that the here and now is dissolved and the person feels present at the place and time of the traumatic event- re-experiencing it).

I worked with issues of trauma and PTSD since 2004. Therapeutically I focus my work on strengthening my clients inner resources, and trust in self. Body awareness, tools against flashbacks and symptoms are a priority. Working through the issues of self-hate, guilt, anger, improving the quality of every days and starting to make plans and goals for the future, all these are important therapeutic goals which I discuss and develop together with my client. Another big aim is to understand and to work through the traumatic situation, so that the clients can transform the event in a story, and that story can then be integrated in one’s life path, as a past event.