Intuitive empaths : positive traits, basic tools and problems

Intuitive empaths’ positive traits, basic tools and problems

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I will start this blog by mentioning shortly the wonderful things one can experience, when one is a highly sensitive or/and an intuitive empath. 

I will also mention three of the most important tools you can use as an intuitive empath. 

The last part is a short information regarding issues and problems I am contacted with by intuitive empath as well as highly sensitive clients. 

Empaths have marvellous traits

As an empath, you may:

  • Have huge hearts and the instinct to help others in need or who are less fortunate.
  • Sense another person’s vitality.
  • Be a dreamer and an idealist.
  • Be passionate, deep, in touch with you emotions, and compassionate.
  • Be intuitive, spiritual, and can sense energy.
  • Have a special appreciation for the natural world and feel at home there. 

Source: Judith Orloff, M.D.

Basic tools for grounding, centering and protection

The Grounding and Earthing Visualization

In a quiet space, visualize a large tree with a strong trunk that extends down the center of your body from head to toe. Visualize the tree’s roots growing from the bottom of your feet, making their way deep into the earth, providing a comforting sense of solidity. Take a few moments to feel this power and grounding energy. 

The Three-Minute Heart Meditation

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Then place your palm over your heart chakra in the middle of your chest. Focus on a beautiful image you love such as a sunset, a rose, the ocean, or a child’s face. Feel the love building in your heart and body. Let this loving feeling soothe and refresh you. Toxic energy leaves your body as you are purified with love. 

Shield Yourself at Work

In stressful work situations—or if you’re picking up a coworker’s energy and emotions—picture a shield of white light all around you that protects you and allows in only what is positive. This strategy ensures that you don’t absorb your clients’ or coworkers’ stress. 

Source: Dr. Judith Orloff, ‘The Empath’s surviving guide, Life strategies for Sensitive people’

Problems and issues, my empath or highly sensitive clients can contact me with

In my clinical practice, I work daily with empath’s and clients with high sensitivity.

Some of the clients know they are highly sensitive or empaths and ask for help regarding personalized skills in order to improve their life quality. Others contact me as result of a very challenging relationship with themselves, anxiety, stress, depression symptoms, and a general feeling of overwhelm. 

Some clients are not aware of their own sensitivity levels. They contact me with stress, or depression symptoms. Very often clients experience physical pain, where health tests fail to show any result, and they are sent to a psychologist to find the emotional source for it. 

Other empath clients have problems with negative coping mechanisms as drinking, eating disorders, overeating, OCD as result of the emotional pain (and constant thinking) they carry around and they miss the feeling of inner peace.

Problems at work, with friends, within the family and relationships, can also often be caused by the fact that the client is an empath or has high sensitivity. 

Another big group of clients are experiencing self-esteem and self-confidence issues, feeling lonely and having the general feeling that the whole world is against them.

The work with all these clients is centered around

  • skills to set boundaries with others,
  • tools to stop absorbing the energy and emotions of others,
  • and, very importantly understanding and respecting themselves and what they need individually (clients learn to stop comparing themselves with others).

HSP and Empaths learn in this process, to understand and to value their own resources and skills. They will learn to embrace these resources and understand the benefit of these for themselves and the others around them. 

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